Work History

My career started at a small full-service agency in Chicago’s ad industry. With so few hands, many service demands, and a burgeoning digital medium, I had to learn many skills in short time. Mastery in several disciplines has become the distinguishing mark of my work.

In 1999, I declined a job offer from Starbelly, Groupon co-founder Brad Keywell’s previous venture, to join the creative team of a games manufacturer. Starbelly soon sold for $240 MM in cash and stock, making their small staff small fortunes... and I realized the allure of the startup. (It’s not all bad: The employer I chose was elemental in developing my skills of engineering/design collaboration, asset management, quality control, and efficiency.)

In 2002, I moved to Miami to establish the creative department of a startup travel agency. Luxury Cruise Center expanded from 15 to over 50 employees within 18 months and earned regular accolades and awards from most premium and luxury cruise lines.

Hurricanes Wilma and Katrina prompted a 2005 move to Los Angeles, where I continued to work for LCC and eventually joined web startup Escom as the first employee. The domain alone sold three years later, in November 2010, for a record $13 million.

Most recently, I was Director of Creative Services of Cosmedicine through its rebrand and reposition from the clinical to ultra-prestige skincare categories and QVC debut.

Additional startup involvement has included serving as an advisor for DriveSociety (think driver-owned Uber/Lyft) and Acclarus Ventures (VC) and co-founder of LegalPhare (layman-friendly legal guides) and Stylene (Daily Candy meets Woot).

I have been a corporate trainer of Adobe products and was invited to demonstrate new features of Adobe CS3 at their 2007 Creative License Conference (AdobeMAX) launch. I also was a featured speaker for UCLA’s 2011 Summer Discovery program and am a featured interview subject in 2012’s Piece of the Fame: Rockstar Social Media Marketing Strategy.

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