For 20+ years, I’ve enjoyed collaborating with clever, flexible startup teams to bridge creative and technical goals. The most recent resolved in an August 2022 acquisition. 

My approach to brand-building is discussed in Piece of the Fame by Jaunique Sealey, and I was invited to speak on new media at  UCLA Summer Sessions and present a live demo of Creative Suite 3 at its Adobe MAX launch. 

Other pursuits include  writing, editing, assisting authors with publication, and building fonts, which have been featured by Shopify and the Klingspor Museum. I also curate art shows and produce art publications and criticism in longstanding collaboration with Menendez Publishing and 33 Contemporary Gallery. Many publications I designed or created are included in Dr. Samuel Peralta’s Lunar Codex. (Read about it at the New York Times.)

My current work, NotOneJot, relates to the research of religion.

Be good. Have fun. Stay curious.

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